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~ The North American Hardwood LONGBOW ~

We now have access to the finest North American hardwoods in the world. The company I have contracted with is local (to me), dries their own wood and keeps it warehoused. They allow me to watch the process and pick through their stacks to obtain the straightest grain, best hardwood from many different species.

These woods make the finest bows the world has ever known. These bows will now be known as the NAH North American Hardwood bow. They may not be as pretty as imported Snakewood, East Indian Rosewood, Cocobolo etc, but they aren't nearly as costly either. My shipping cost for these woods has been eliminated so you and I no longer have to pay it. Try shipping a few boards and you'll realize this doubles the cost. I can lower the price and furnish you a better shooting bow. I'm talking Maple, Cherry, Black Walnut, Hickory and Ash.

I propose to keep an inventory of the best of the best wood available. I do not mean the prettiest; I'm talking straight grain, and knot free, perfectly dried wood. Since perfect or almost perfect wood is pretty plain Jane, I will use black glass, which is also less expensive, especially since really clear glass from Gordon's is at a premium this year. Using black glass I can also use a very rough 40 grit grind on the laminations for the best glue adhesion, this will be a dependable bow under all weather conditions.

I will keep the following woods available for your choice. Any of these woods can be used for Risers or Limb laminations. Here are the selections and recommendations. Custom options are priced on the "Pricing" page.

Hard Rock Maple: Makes an excellent limb lamination and Riser. This is one of the most tried and tested of woods. It can arguably be equalled but not surpassed by any wood.

Cherry: Makes a excellent choice for limb lamination with the added advantage of being beautiful. Cherry ages beautifully it darkens with the ageless beauty it's known for in fine furniture. Cherry is also an excellent choice when adding the custom option of clear glass.

Ash: Another tried and tested wood with a beautiful straight grain. Ash has been the choice for the balance of weight, strength and beauty in baseball bats for a century. Ash makes a beautiful limb & riser. Its grain also looks very nice with the custom option of clear glass.

Hickory: Is second to none for a combination of strength and weight. Hickory makes an excellent riser. For anyone wanting a two-piece riser you can't go wrong with a combination of Hickory & Black walnut or Cherry.

Black Walnut: Makes an excellent limb lamination and Riser. Eye pleasing as a core limb wood.

As the base bow, the NAH will give you a choice of left or right handed, tillered for your shooting style and the grip of your choice. These "custom choices" don't cost me, or you any extra so you get the savings. It will take me 4-8 weeks to finish this bow for you.

The NAH Longbow will include -

Silent Night (both String Follow SF and Back Set)
Long Night
Short Night

NAH Longbow base price is $449
Custom options are listed on the "Pricing" page

NAH Longbow Blanks price is $275.
Custom options are listed on the "Pricing" page.